Airfreight Lanes

It has never been easier to book your air freight at 7WINDS.

Booking your air freight with 7WINDS has never been easier.

Book air freight with 7WINDS. There are various options you can ship your cargo with us. You can drop off your freight at one of our warehouses or we can take care of collection from your place. Through our network we deliver your shipment to every corner of the globe.

Our top air freight destinations:

  • Europe <-> China and Hong Kong
  • Europe <-> India
  • Europe <-> United Arab Emirates
  • Europe <-> Japan
  • Europe <-> Australia
  • Europe <-> USA
  • Europe <-> Brazil
  • Europe <-> Mexico

7WINDS air freight department operates throughout Europe and to all major international destinations.

Tariffs for air freight are calculated based on:

  • Destination country and airport
  • Size and weight of your consignment
  • Airline charges
  • Any additional surcharges