What are the advantages of rail transport between China and Europe?

Anyone who believes that the Silk Road is a legend of past centuries is now being taught a lesson by China and Europe. In addition to the well-known sea routes, with long transport times of three weeks and more, today 4 to 5 trains of china-europe-railway-express travel from China to Hamburg every week. Each train consists of 41 containers a 40 feet. It is part of the new Silk Road between the Orient and the Occident. This new Silk Road will be increasingly expanded in the coming years and capacities will be significantly increased. The advantages are apparent. Shorter transport times are one thing. On the other hand, only one or two traffic systems are used. The freight train and the truck. Both systems are very compatible with each other and have an excellent infrastructure both in China and in Europe. The often expensive cargo handling in overseas ports is eliminated. As a result, favorable freight rates can be offered and at the same time calculated with freight times which are approximately in the middle between sea and air freight.