Let 7WINDS handle your freight.

7WINDS central location close to European largest sea ports and air freight hubs together with perfect hinterland enables us to offer services not only to our domestic region Germany, Netherlands, Belgium but also to the neighbouring countries such as France, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland.

For global reach 7WINDS is proud to be a member of WCA Logistics Network. With 7055 offices at 839 locations we offer freight to every corner of the globe.

7WINDS stongest lanes are:

  • Europe <-> North America
  • Europe <-> South America
  • Europe <-> Far East
  • Europe <-> Middle East
  • Europe <-> CIS

Every member our network is carefully vetted before acceptance, ensuring that only the best companies, offering the highest standards of service are admitted. Our clients can be sure that by working with 7WINDS they are working with the best in the business.