Domestic ports

7WINDS works in the 4 largest ports in Europe: Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg and Bremerhaven. We tell you how these ports are most effective to reach. Rail, barge or truck, we are happy to calculate the best way.

7WINDS domestic region with 4 largest sea gates Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremerhaven enables us to cover the very wide part of Europe.

Each port with its hinterland infrastructure has a geographical specialization.

Through ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven are served the regions of North and East Germany, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Efficient road and rail connection allows to reach central European countries within 48 hours.

The port of Rotterdam, the largest European sea gate, is connected to the Netherlands, West and South Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia by road, rail and inland water ways.

Antwerp traditionally specializes in flows to / from Belgium, Luxemburg, West and South Germany, France, Switzerland by all transport modes.

7WINDS offers a wide variety of options to match your costs and timing expectations.

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